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More Success For Your Snowboard Brand

We build high converting online stores, do marketing on your behalf & offer industry expertise.


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Better prices than most agencies

Industry specific knowledge

Small business friendly

100% Happiness Guarantee

We make sure to have a clear connection between promise and delivery. This is why we also offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee on all of our services.

Why work with us

With a deep understanding of ecommerce and industry trends, coupled with our own snowboard-related online store, we offer a unique perspective that drives results. 

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Tell us a bit about yourself, your brand & your goals.

Shopify Expert

We have been nerding up on Shopify for many years now, and can help you with all things needed to succeed on this platform.


Customized Services Based On Your Needs

We tailor our services in order to help your brands specific needs, and based on the budget and volume of the project. This is what we go through in our first meeting with you.

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Fast Delivery

We take on few projects and the reason for this is that we want to have a quick delivery, making sure that positive changes gets implemented fast.

Happiness Guarantee

If we dont believe that our services will benefit your brand, then we wont take on the project. This is to make sure we deliver results that we can be proud of.

Honest Feedback

We are not "yes men" that tell you what you want to hear in order to get a quick payout. We will give you completely honest feedback about your brand and your goals.

Clear Communication

One of the most important things during a project is easy and quick communication. We will setup the preferred forms of communication, making sure there is no misunderstandings along the journey.


We have many years of experience, both with our own ecommerce start-ups as well as managing stores for other businesses.


We have great experience with running ads both in paid channels like Meta & Google, but also through influencer marketing and sponsorships.


We know the snowboarding, snowskate & surf industry very well, and this is beneficial for knowing what approach to take with your action sports brand. 

What are the benefits for you?

Running a business can be seasonal, and often you dont need as much work as other periods. We offer flexibility.

Outsourcing your ecom & marketing to us provide these benefits:

Fewer hats to wear

Flexible projects

More time to focus on your core tasks

More brains to pick from

Less risky than hiring fulltime marketers

Pay only by project

What we offer

Shopify Services

We can build a brand new Shopify store for your business, or optimize and make your existing Shopify store better. 

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Marketing Services

We help you optimize your marketing campaigns for better overall results.

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We focus on the action sports niche, especially on the snowboard, snowskate & surf industry. We are a community of passionate snowboarders and surfers, with our bases in both Norway and Portugal. We want to help cool brands with founders that have a great vision for the future of the company.

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Our New Online Store

Check out our new online store were you can find products and services within the snowboard, events & lifestyle category. 

Snowboard, Events  & Lifestyle

Our Own Original Snowboard Wax

Carefully Selected Products

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Don`t hesitate to contact us today. We take on jobs in both Norwegian & English language, and we are excited to hear more about your brand.

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